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College Choice Foundation Scholar Angelica Everson .jpg






  • More than $12M Dollars have been awarded to CCF scholars in financial aid and scholarships in the last five years since our inception.

  • Scholars typically increase test scores by four points.

  • 100% of our Scholars received scholarships and financial aid to cover most (90% or more) total college costs, direct and indirect.

  • Our Scholars gain admittance to colleges and universities across the United States, including some of the most prestigious schools in the country (and the list keeps growing): American University, Auburn University, Baylor University, Berea College, Berry College, Birmingham-Southern College, Boston College, Boston University, Brown University, Butler University, Centre College, College of William & Mary, Emory University, Furman University, George Washington University, Howard University, Iona College, Miami of Ohio, Notre Dame, Pacific University, Rhodes College, Spelman College, Transylvania University, Trinity University, Tulane University, Tuskegee University, University of Alabama, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt University, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest University, Washington & Lee University, Washington University in St. Louis, Wofford College and Yale University.


  • Our mentoring of disadvantaged, talented students is changing the trajectory of their lives.

  • We help close the gap of low-income students who attend college.

  • In some cases, our Scholars would not even attend a local community college without our assistance.

  • Because of College Choice Foundation, bright, low-income students can dismantle the many barriers they face to attend college. We invest time, provide resources, engage in coaching and offer unlimited encouragement to help them navigate successfully the multiple details, deadlines, forms and costs that might otherwise deter them from attending college.

  • Our Scholars will truly change the world in ways beyond our imagination - just IMAGINE how great their IMPACT can be - LIMITLESS.


Our Impact

Scholars Graduation College Choice
College Scholars
Caroline Bald 2019 Boston College
Jillian Jolly 2019 Yale
Jessica Mau 2018 Trinity University
Joshua Ndegwa 2018 Vanderbilt University
Maddie Bald 2017 Boston College
Angelica Everson 2017 American University
Frank Trujillo 2017 University of Alabama
Anonymous* 2016 Small Liberal Arts College
Sean Conboy 2016 Boston College
College Graduates
Joy Korley 2015 Washington University in St. Louis
Michelle Williams 2015 Washington University in St. Louis