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Frank Trujillo

Frank Trujillo, Homewood High School Class of 2017, is a current high school College Choice Foundation scholar.


Frank Trujillo

Frank Trujillo, Homewood High School Class of 2017, is a current high school College Choice Foundation scholar.

Frank Sebastian Trujillo

Frank's Story

When I was three, my family and I immigrated to the United States from Venezuela. Encountering misfortunes and challenges such as learning to speak English, dealing with my father’s debilitating stroke and coping with the death of a close cousin have made me resilient, determined, and confident, giving me discipline and appreciation for life.

Learning to speak English was a huge challenge that scarred me emotionally. My inability to communicate prevented me from participating in many activities. I felt lonely, angry, and confused as my peers played around me. I could not understand them nor they me. Stigmatized by the language barrier, I feared being thought weird. Making friends was difficult. Fortunately, one day a classmate offered friendship. His kind overtures, his successful efforts to bridge the language barrier, changed my life. His example emboldened me to learn English. I resolved to be friendly to everyone, regardless of cultural background, socioeconomic status or level of popularity. Overcoming the language barrier helped me make lasting friendships and enabled me to engage in such universal American childhood experiences as eating ice cream, racing bikes, and attending sleepovers. These experiences helped shape who I am today – confident, kind, and happy.

When I was fifteen my father, while driving to work, suffered a stroke. I was terrified. Dad’s recovery was rough – a daily struggle – and helping him challenged and tested me. I made the difficult decision to quit playing soccer for a year to help my father, even though soccer meant everything to me. It was where I could be myself, hang out with my friends, express my worries, and release my fears. Being available to my family was more important. I learned many valuable lessons: to appreciate having two loving parents, to value what I have, to use time wisely, and to make the most of all opportunities presented. My father’s stroke also taught me that sacrifice teaches you empathy and compassion.

The untimely death last February of my cousin, Johnny, resulting from a drunk driving accident he caused, posed yet another emotional challenge for me. I loved Johnny dearly and have suffered because of his death. When I was playing soccer, after each game I would anxiously await Johnny’s phone call. He would congratulate me if I won, and cheer me up if I lost. Johnny was always there for me, and he made life more fun. We often watched movies together, shared dinner, and played video games. Despite his struggles with alcoholism, Johnny was my role model. His support, encouragement, and companionship shaped me in many ways, for which I will be always grateful. I am determined to honor his memory by being the best soccer player and person that I can be. 

Through these challenges and adversities, and the life-lessons they have taught me, I have learned to be confident and kind. These social and emotional hurdles have transformed me into an empathetic, generous, and outgoing individual. My journey to and growth in America may not have been along the smoothest paths, but those paths have forged me into the person I am today and have taught me to be the hero of my own story.



College education

University of Alabama at Birmingham | Sophomore

Expected Graduation Date: May 2021

Major: Mechanical Engineering

high school Education

Homewood High School | May 2017

GPA: 3.54

Class Rank: 93/270

Top 34%

ACT: 30 (Superscore)


Julian G. Finley Scholar's Award Recipient | 2016

Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society | 2014-present

National Beta Club | 2014-present

internships, work experience & Community Service 

Jimmie Hale Mission | 2015

Relay for Live | 2015

Homewood High School Talent Show | 2015

Edgewood Elementary Talent Show | 2015

Athletics, Activities, and Clubs

Varsity Soccer, Homewood High School | 2016-present

Third Party Club | 2016-present

Competitive Soccer, Homewood | 2009-present

Chess Club | 2016-present

Junior Varsity Soccer, Homewood High School | 2014-2016

Math Team | 2013-2016

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