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College Choice Foundation Maddie Bald at Camp Winnataska.jpg

Maddie Bald

Maddie Bald, Homewood High School Class of 2017, is a current high school College Choice Foundation scholar.


Maddie Bald

Maddie Bald, Homewood High School Class of 2017, is a current high school College Choice Foundation scholar.

Madeline Paige Bald

Maddie's Story

Throughout my childhood, it was my father who inspired my love for learning. I pestered him for information and reveled in his attention yet, I never imagined that the most important things I would learn from him would come at a terribly high price.

When I was ten, my father entered rehab for the first time. I learned he was an alcoholic, and I was stunned. We visited, but seeing my beloved dad reduced to something less than the father I admired was incredibly painful. When he returned home, I naively assumed his struggle with alcoholism had ended. I thought everything would be okay: Dad would resume practicing law, and the father I loved would return. But this did not happen. A year later, I heard the ominous approach of sirens. I will never forget watching Dad being removed from our home on a stretcher. The situation continued to deteriorate. When I was twelve, Dad was fired for drinking on the job. He went to live with my grandparents in Virginia, and a year later my parents divorced. Over the next four years, I saw my dad only a few times.

Throughout this time, I bottled up my conflicting emotions: how my dad’s drinking embarrassed, scared, and hurt me; how much I missed the normal father of my childhood; and how I resented him for the financial burdens his drinking placed on our family. I donned a mask of normalcy to hide the fact that I felt exactly the opposite.

I will forever remember the night Mom called my younger sisters and me together for a family meeting. I was sixteen. My mind went numb when she told me Dad was dead. Until then, I had hoped that any day Dad would change and get better. Just another few weeks…just another few months…but his death had a terrible finality. The emotions I had bottled up over time exploded as I realized there was nothing I could do or say to change what had happened. Before Dad died, I had believed he would return and repair the damage he had caused our family. I wanted Dad to attend my graduation, walk me down the aisle at my wedding, and play with his grandchildren. Most importantly, I had hoped I could forgive him for choosing alcohol over me. I was mad at him for leaving, mad at God for taking him too soon and devastated that I never told my dad goodbye. But even though my father is no longer with us in this world, I eventually came to peace that he is in a place where sickness, pain and suffering do not exist, and I finally forgive him.

People often tell me that my dad’s illness and untimely death will either make me stronger or tear me down. Witnessing the discord and dysfunction a disease like alcoholism causes has made me more self-sufficient, disciplined, resilient, and goal-oriented. It also has taught me to be compassionate. That my life would have been easier had my father been different is a certainty, but because of him, I can face challenges willingly, take risks knowing that I will get up and try again if I fail, trust people who truly care, take no opportunities or people for granted, strive always to be the best me I can be, and most importantly, forgive and love my family unconditionally.


College education

Boston College | Sophomore

Expected Graduation Date: May 2021

Major: Pre-Med


high school Education

Homewood High School | May 2017

GPA: 4.41

Class Rank: 3/269

Top 1%

ACT: 35

PSAT: 1440


Boston College Gabelli Presidential Scholar’s program | 2016-2021

National Merit Semifinalist | 2016

AP Scholar with Distinction | 2016

Homewood High School Miss Heritage Scholarship Pageant - Top Twenty Overall | 2016

National Honor Society | 2016-present

National French Honor Society | 2016-present

Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society | 2016-present

National Beta Club | 2016-present

Miss Homewood top nominee | 2016

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Ambassador | 2015

Nationally Ranked on Grand Concours French Exam

17th Place for Algebra II with Trig State Math Tournament

internships, work experience & Community Service 

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church Youth Group, March for Life

Triumph Service

Camp Winnataska - Counselor and Equestrian Leader

Athletics, Activities, and Clubs

Patriot Pride Ambassador Program | 2015-present

SGA Class Representative | 2015-present

Competitive Soccer at Vestavia | 2014-present

Varsity Soccer, Homewood High School | 2013-present

Key Club | 2013-present

French Club | 2013-present

Math Team | 2013-present

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church Youth Group | 2013-present

Homewood High School Band | 2013-2014

College Scholars