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Michelle Williams

Elizabeth Michelle Williams, Westbrook Christian School Class of 2015, is a sophomore majoring in Pre-Med/Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.


Michelle Williams

Elizabeth Michelle Williams, Westbrook Christian School Class of 2015, is a sophomore majoring in Pre-Med/Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Elizabeth Michelle Williams

Michelle's Story

Improbable, that's what my younger brother is. Shortly after my sixth birthday, my parents told me that my two year old brother, Michael, would never be able to speak. Michael had been diagnosed with Autism, a condition that inhibits social and fine motor skills. It was a devastating blow to the entire family. Having an autistic brother has impacted my life and shaped my identity in a powerful way.

My father has been self-employed for the past thirty years. Because my family lives in rural Alabama, there were limited options for my brother's treatment. My mother chose to resign from the workforce in order to give Michael more specialized care. I spent the summers of my early childhood in therapy centers for special needs children. It upset me to see my brother struggling to communicate in these sessions. The inadequacy of these methods kindled in me a yearning to help. This passion remains with me, and has profoundly influenced my path of study.

Raising a child with autism produces a stressful household. My parents were forced to divert the bulk of their attention to Michael's care. As a result, I became very responsible and independent. My job at my school's aftercare program allows me to interact with a variety of children, and growing up with Michael has made me more sensitive to children with deficits. I have experienced first-hand the tact necessary to properly care for a child with special needs, and this has made me more compassionate.

Michael often misunderstands social constructs. People infer, based on his outward behaviors and tendencies, that he is less capable of intelligent thought. Despite his challenges, Michael manages to achieve high scores in his classes by applying himself to his studies. As a result, he is a member of the Junior Beta Club and is at the top of his class. Witnessing Michael endeavor to perform tasks that others take for granted has taught me diligence. I still help him tie his shoes in the morning before we leave for school. As Michael overcomes his daily obstacles, he motivates me to prevail in my own challenges, such as, balancing my hectic schedule, maintaining my GPA, and preparing myself for the next step in my education. Michael inspires me to rise to any challenge, and his influence is a catalyst in my achievements. He encourages me to be my best. Because of Michael, Iplan to become a Medical Researcher and study treatments of Autism and Asperger Syndrome.

My parents have always reminded me to be a good example for my brother, to work hard and achieve as much as I can. My little brother is nearly six feet tall, but he looks up to me. Against all odds, Michael now speaks proficiently. I aim to always be an excellent role model for him. The imprint Michael has left on my life well outweighs the one I have left on his. Michael has been a constant encouragement, and an example of tenacity and integrity. He embodies the type of character I hope to refine in myself. Because of my brother, I view the world around me differently. Michael has left an enduring impact on my life.


College Education

Washington University in St. Louis | Senior

Expected Graduation Date: May 2019

Major: Psychological & Brain Sciences

High School Education

Westbrook Christian School | May 2015

GPA: 4.1

ACT: 32


Enterprise Scholar | Fall 2015 - present

National Honor Society | 2013-2015

Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society | 2014-2015

National Beta Club | 2010-2015

Coosa Valley Cooperative | 2014

Jacksonville State Emerging Leaders | 2014

Alabama Governor's School | 2014

National Student Leadership Conference Delegate | 2013

Costa Rica People to People Delegate | 2012

President Education Award | 2011

internships, work experience & Community Service 

Summer Programs and Conference Services Conference Assistant | Summer 2016

Autism Awareness Week Coordinator | April 2016

Math Tutor - Elementary and Middle School | 2013-2015

Lakeside Hospice Volunteer | 2011-2015

School PTF Meetings Aide | 2014-2015

Hospitality Aide - AOH Church of God | 2011-2015

Key Club Community Service | 2011-2015

Etowah County Family Success Center for Child Abuse Awareness Month Volunteer | 2014

After School Care Assistant - Westbrook Christian School | 2010-2012

Athletics, Activities, and Clubs

PL4Y | Fall 2015 - present

Key Club | 2012-2015

Etowah County Chamber Student Board Member | 2013-2015

School Chapel Assistant | 2014-2015

Dance | 2010--2015

Piano Lessons | 2011-2015

Junior United Nations Assembly (JUNA) | 2011-2012






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