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Sean Conboy

Sean Conboy, Homewood High School Class of 2016, is a freshman majoring in Pre-Med/Biology at the Boston College in Boston, Massachusetts.


Sean Conboy

Sean Conboy, Homewood High School Class of 2016, is a freshman majoring in Pre-Med/Biology at the Boston College in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sean Thomas Conboy

Sean's Story

I'm not supposed to be here. On Earth. Doctors told my mother after multiple miscarriages that she would never conceive again. I defied the odds. Like my older brother, Clint, I was born prematurely, but unlike him, I didn't have cerebral palsy. Although I am here, my life hasn't been easy. I have coped with an alcoholic father and the tragic death of my best friend who died in a drunk driving accident he caused. Each of these tragedies has significantly impacted my life and powerfully shaped my identity.

At Clint's birth, doctors told my mother she should let him die because he would have no quality of life. Thankfully, my mother disagreed. Growing up with a special-needs brother gave me a unique perspective on life. I've watched Clint struggle with simple tasks such as speaking or donning a shirt - tasks he knows will be almost impossible that have taught me firsthand that courage is taking on any challenge, no matter its difficulty. Caring for Clint impassioned my volunteer work for the Bell Center, a program designed to help children at risk of developmental delay, which gives me great joy because I know that I am helping people like my brother.

Growing up in a broken family, my parents fought constantly as my alcoholic father dwelled on the couch while my mother worked tirelessly. Some people live sheltered lives; others are forced to grow up quickly. I grew up quickly. Following my parents' divorce, my father frequently cancelled our visits forcing me to realize that I had never been his priority. My grades dropped. I distracted myself by playing my guitar instead of doing my homework, and spent more time with friends than with family.

When I was fourteen, my father stopped paying child support. Our money issues worsened, and we almost lost our house. I watched my mom work weekends and long nights; I felt obligated to be as strong as her as I looked after Clint and worried about things I hope my kids never face. Refusing to allow my family situation to defeat me, I resolved to turn my life around. I became inspired to achieve academic and athletic success. I went from a failing student to a member of National Honor Society, shaved ten minutes off my 5K personal record from my freshman to senior cross country season, and went from using my guitar as a distraction to co-creating a band that has been a great success locally. I found the value of hard work to be more rewarding than resignation.

The recent nature of the third element that shaped my identity makes it difficult to discuss. Before the accident, I had a heart-to-heart with my cross country coach about the choices people make. My best friend, Chris, I confided, was becoming an alcoholic who thought nothing about driving drunk. I promised to call his parents; that's what a true friend would do. The next night Chris died in a drunk-driving accident. I didn't call in time. Already knowing that we learn the most from failure didn't lessen the pain of losing my best friend. The loss of Chris will forever haunt me, but it has taught me to value every second that I have with those who I love. I now prioritize the relationships with the friends that Chris and I shared. My friends showed me compassion, loyalty, and love that I hope to emulate in all of my relationships.

My identity has been profoundly shaped by these experiences for the better. They have given me a unique perspective on life as well as an appreciation for the time I have on Earth, and have instilled in me an intense desire to defy the odds.


College education

Boston College | Junior

Anticipated Graduation: 2020

Major: Double Major in Applied Psychology and Human Development and Biology

high school Education

Homewood High School | May 2016

GPA: 3.84

Class Rank: 50/237

ACT: 31 (Superscore)


Boston College Cross Country Team of the Week | October 2016

6A Champion in the 800 meter race | 2016

6A All-State Honors in the 1600 meter race | 2016

National Honor Society | 2015-2016

National Beta Club | 2014-2016

internships, work experience & Community Service 

Big Bad Breakfast server | 2018

Trinity United Methodist Church Intern | 2017

Wide Open Cross Country lead counselor | 2017, 2018

Little Donkey Taqueria line cook | 2016

Long Cattle Company ranch hand | 2013-2015

Trinity United Methodist Church Volunteer | 2015-2016

SOS Memphis Mission Trip (2015-2017)

Athletics, Activities, and Clubs

Boston College Cross Country | 2016-2018

Boston College Track and Field | 2016-2018

SAAC - Campus Relations | 2016-2018

Full Swing | 2016-2018

Chess Club | 2014-2016

The Bell Center Youth Alliance | 2013-2016

Latin Club | 2013-2016

Varsity Outdoor Track | 2012-2016

Varsity Indoor Track | 2012-2016

Varsity Cross Country | 2012-2016

Chemistry Club (Founder and President) | 2014-2015

Homewood Jazz Band | 2014-2015

Trinity United Methodist Church | 2014-2016

Guitar Lessons | 2008-2011

Karate | 2003-2009

College Scholars