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Jessica Mau

Jessica Mau, Homewood High School Class of 2018, is a current high school College Choice Foundation scholar.


Jessica Mau

Jessica Mau, Homewood High School Class of 2018, is a current high school College Choice Foundation scholar.

Jessica Kailani Mau

Jessica's Story

For seventeen years, I have struggled with time - time split between two families, and this has challenged me in unique ways. When I was two, my parents divorced. Since then, I have lived with my mom and my younger sister, but spend time with my dad. Thankfully, each parent respects the other, and they have never pressured me to choose between them. But my parents are very different, and my lifestyle differs between households. My mom's house is more organized. At my dad’s house things are more relaxed, which is not always a good thing. Growing up with divorced parents has made me a stronger, more independent, and resilient person. I have learned so many things from my single mom taking care of me and my sister.
Mom periodically has to leave us to travel for work so we stay with our Dad. Because of this, I have needed to become very responsible and take care of my own needs, as well as help my younger sister. Sometimes it is difficult to go back and forth to different houses, with different expectations, and I confess it can be challenging. Nonetheless, adjusting to this lifestyle has helped me learn to accept and be okay with change. 

Being more independent, I have been steadfast in striving to reach my goals. I have always been determined to work hard and overcome any obstacles. For example, prior to making the Star Spangled Girl Competitive Dance Line at my high school, I had never taken any studio dance classes or private dance lessons. But I worked tirelessly to make the team, and through my efforts, I actually made the dance team as a sophomore and successfully accomplished one of my lifelong dreams. Because I knew how fortunate I was to be on the team, I always take my coach’s and captain’s instructions seriously. I also realize how expensive it is to be on the dance team, so I am always careful to follow directions and help myself and others become better dancers and leaders.

I am so blessed to have parents who, despite having to deal with the pressures of their own lives, have helped shape me into the person I am today. My life is my own, of course. I am extremely grateful for my parents' influence on me, and I would not trade my family experiences for anything. My parents have each guided me in their own unique ways. I am proud of the person I am becoming – someone who is wise, ambitious, courageous, inquisitive, resourceful and independent. 



Trinity University | Freshman

Expected Graduation Date: May 2022

Major: Undecided


Homewood High School | May 2018

GPA: 3.86

Class Rank: 71/296

Top 24%

ACT: 30 | 31 (Superscore)


Julian G. Finley Scholar’s Award recipient | 2018

Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society | 2017-2018

National Honor Society | 2017-2018

National Beta Club | 2016-2018

The National Association of High School Scholars| 2015

Poem "Rebirth" is registered with the American Library of Poetry | 2016

Poem "Rebirth" published in Accomplished - 2016 Poetry Collection | 2016

National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists Award of Excellence | 2015

Delegate from Homewood High School for the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders at Harvard University | June 2015

Starlett Leadership Award | 2014

internships, work Experience & Community Service 

Lori Zucco Insurance LLC Assistant | 2017-2018

Weezie’s Candy Emporium Clerk | 2015-2018

Girls on the Run | 2013

Exceptional Foundation | 2014-2015

Edgewood Elementary Fundraiser | 2015-2018

Activities and Clubs

Homewood High School Band - Star Spangled Girls Dance Line | 2014-2018

  • Lieutenant (2017-2018)

Student Activism for Women | 2016-2018

Environmental Club | 2016-2018

Robotics Team | 2011-2012

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